Day 5: Tell Me Why I Don’t Like Mondays

Monday is the day that most museums are closed in Recife. So, we used this as a thinly veiled excuse to head to the beach again. So, there’s not much else to say really. Incredible blue skies, all types of blue in the ocean, warm waves lapping at our feet.… Keep Reading


Day 4: Bopping to Shopping

I woke up with the sunburn sting firmly on my mind. To my delight, though, (WARNING: GROSS CONTENT) I had peeled pretty substantially throughout the night, and although I was still feeling tender, I was 100000x better than yesterday. At this point I have to say a massive thank you… Keep Reading

Tasha, 4th February 2017

Day 3: The Day That Didn’t Happen

So, yesterday we spent just THREE hours walking up and down Boa Viagem beach. And in this time, Little Miss I-Don’t-Burn has actually managed to, surprisingly, get burnt. I have no idea how I managed not to, though the backs of my legs tell a different, very pink story. We… Keep Reading


Day 2: It Gets Hot On The Beach

Our first official full day in Recife began with a buffet breakfast after around ten hours sleep. Luckily, Recife is three hours behind the UK timezone, so waking at 9.30am actually meant it was 6.30am for us, so it was nice to start the day early. Having fumbled our way… Keep Reading

Recife from the sky

Day 1: The First Journey

The day finally arrived! After 8 months of planning, or attempting to plan, we were finally staring our 15 week journey of a lifetime straight in the face. Tasha had been packed and ready since Monday morning. Jamie managed to just about get everything thrown into a bag in time to leave… Keep Reading

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