The sunset over Buenos Aires

Day 55: To Mendoza!

Today was a day of hanging around loads, although we had to leave our AirBnB at 11am which was annoying considering our flight wasn’t until 6pm, meaning we had to carry our bags around with us all afternoon. We went to the cool cafe we went to a few days… Keep Reading

Baileys Dulce De Leche

Day 54: Booking

How long do you think it takes to book a hostel for a few nights? Well, it turns out that when you are looking for ones in Mendoza, approximately 12 hours. This was how we spent out final day in Buenos Aires. Not much else to report today I’m afraid,… Keep Reading


Day 53: Mothers, Planning & Afternoon Tea

According to Wikipedia, Mother’s Day in Argentina is not until October, however at home in the UK, today was Mothering Sunday. So, we spent the morning and early afternoon in conversation with our mums! And as if we needed an excuse, we used Mother’s Day to justify eating sandwiches and… Keep Reading


Day 52: Moving to another part of Palermo

We are definitely not ready to leave Buenos Aires just yet. So we have booked an AirBnB for a few nights in a slightly different part of Palermo. It’s actually a really nice apartment and I could see us staying here for even longer! The area is really nice and… Keep Reading


Day 51: We’ve Been Tangoed

We’ve been in Buenos Aires quite a few days now and had still yet to see a Tango show. Well, we decided to change that with a full dinner/show combo this evening. The day was spent chilling out and getting lunch back at the football-shirt-covered place that we had a… Keep Reading


Day 50: Mooching in the park & Don Julio

We’ve really enjoyed the last few days so decided to spend yet another day wandering around the parks that line the city, and the weather has been beautiful. It’s worth mentioning that since being in Brazil, Argentina has seemed ‘cooler’ (except for Puerto Iguazu), but what that actually means is… Keep Reading


Day 48: Japanese Gardens

So, yesterday wasn’t much fun for me, my mini hangover turned into travel sickness then turned into a mammoth headache – all very unnecessary and could have been avoided if I’d had some food. I woke up still feeling incredibly ill, and breakfast didn’t help as the hostel just provides… Keep Reading

U is for Uruguay

Day 47: Back to BA

This morning was our last in Montevideo, and we attempted to try and make our way back to Buenos Aires via ferry. I say attempted, because after we checked out of our hotel and walked down to the port, we realised that we had no idea where to go. We… Keep Reading

The deadly breads and cheeses and meats

Day 46: Not Much More

Woke up this morning still feeling fragile. I can’t believe that eating too much has basically given me a hangover. Meatover? Hmm. Urgh. So, we took it real slow today and essentially haven’t done anything again. I feel so bad for wasting 2 days in Uruguay when we are only… Keep Reading

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