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Day 65: Moved to a new place in Santiago

Today we left our hostel for another one not far, but our room wasn’t ready when we arrived. After a brief mix up with bad English-Spanish translations and not wanting to shower in the downstairs bathroom (don’t ask), we went for a long coffee and lunch at a lovely café… Keep Reading


Day 64: Up San Cristobal Hill

We may have found the best coffee of our whole trip so far. It’s a close call between Full City Coffee House in Palermo, Buenos Aires and where we started our day today, Original Green Roasters in Providencia, Santiago. This was a very welcome find, as we had found that… Keep Reading


Day 63: A Walking Tour of Santiago

We had originally intended to do a walking tour of Santiago yesterday, but we’re lazy travellers, have you not realised that yet? We DID manage to make it onto the walking tour today starting in the centre of the city in the Plaza de Armas, so-called because this is where… Keep Reading

Pastel de Choclo in Galindo, Santiago, Chile

Day 62: Galindo

This morning we woke up late (again) and missed breakfast (again) and spent the morning lounging around and looking up tours and activities to do in Santiago. The city is huge, but we are in a part of town that is considered ‘the posh part’ and as we all know,… Keep Reading


Day 61: Off to Chile!

Today we packed our bags (again) and left to go to our fourth country, Chile! We were reasonably excited about our bus journey as we’ve heard that the scenery along the way is BEAUTIFUL. We were not, in any way disappointed; driving through the Andes and getting our first peak… Keep Reading


Day 60: Godoy Cruz and River Plate

Today has been another quiet day of planning, we booked our bus across the border and our hostel in Santiago, but we STILL have not managed to figure out what to do about Patagonia – we know the routes we want to do but are still unsure if it is… Keep Reading

The Ciudad de Mendoza sign in Plaza Independencia

Day 59: The Lost Day

After yesterday, it sounds lame but I was hungover BEFORE I went to sleep, so I really wasn’t up for doing much today. Kind of luckily, the weather wasn’t great so we decided to get some chores done; we got cash out, we went to the supermarket for a big… Keep Reading


Day 58: Wine Tour Numero Dos

Some would say that wine for breakfast is a sign that something is wrong but today was a huge exception to the rule! We booked another wine tour for today, this time a far more in-depth, all day tour that would take us to the Uco Valley region of Mendoza.… Keep Reading


Day 57: Wine Tour Numero Uno

Today was our first wine tour in Argentina, something we’d been excited about since we first booked our trip. Unfortunately however, having consumed quite a lot of wine yesterday, Jamie woke up with a horrible hangover headache. Not ideal when you’re about to spend a day drinking MORE wine. So… Keep Reading

Hostel Cat

Day 56: Wandering Around Mendoza

We were obviously exhausted, because we woke up late today, missing breakfast and not managing to get up and out until around 12pm. When we did surface however, and got ourselves together, we met a lovely, friendly, old inhabitant of our hostel. Although we didn’t catch her name, we decided… Keep Reading

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