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U is for Uruguay

Day 47: Back to BA

This morning was our last in Montevideo, and we attempted to try and make our way back to Buenos Aires via ferry. I say attempted, because after we checked out of our hotel and walked down to the port, we realised that we had no idea where to go. We… Keep Reading

The deadly breads and cheeses and meats

Day 46: Not Much More

Woke up this morning still feeling fragile. I can’t believe that eating too much has basically given me a hangover. Meatover? Hmm. Urgh. So, we took it real slow today and essentially haven’t done anything again. I feel so bad for wasting 2 days in Uruguay when we are only… Keep Reading

The plentiful, evil steaks

Day 45: :(

Unfortunately our overconsumption yesterday led to us not going out last night and seems to have left Jamie feeling poorly today. I stayed up reading until silly o’clock last night so missed breakfast, and went out to get our laundry but by the time I was back Jamie still wasn’t… Keep Reading


Day 44: Bopped Around Old Town, More Steak

Determined to make the most of the day, we went out early and explored the city properly this time, without getting sidetracked by food (until later). The town is a strange mix of old versus new – it has a very European feel to it and is punctuated with interestingly… Keep Reading


Day 42: A Little Taste of Home

Today, hungover and tired, we checked out of our hostel, which we didn’t especially like, and got an Uber to the ferry terminal – which FYI is very fancy. After a confusing purchase of our tickets, for which we had to go into one queue to request them and give… Keep Reading

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