Day 71: Pre-Columbian Museum and Dinner with Lots of Wines

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I’ve been looking forward to today for ages, since we first learned about this museum with Felipe on the walking tour. Jamie I think, wasn’t so sure.

There’s a lot to say about the Pre-Columbian Museum, but mostly we learned that, in fact, we knew nothing about Pre-Columbian times. For one, it was far more than just Mayans and Incas, and the timelines went back further than comprehensible – around 10,000 years. Also fascinating, the time that blurs between the people was strange and macabre, with unexplained gaps in time where one group of people existed and another ceased. The collections are drawn from the main pre-Columbian culture areas: Mesoamerica, Intermediate / Isthmo-Colombian, Pan-Caribbean, Amazoni and the Andean. We didn’t know what they were, either. But the collections were memorizing, and split over three floors, so we ended up spending hours there.

When we reached our culture limit for the day, we decided to go and get some food and went back to Bellavista and settled on a fancy restaurant called Barrica 94 and accidentally ordered a cheese plate, over the top mains, fancy desserts and 8 glasses of wine. It was fine. Really, REALLY fine.

We walked back from Bellavista through the park that lines the area all the way down to Plaza Aviacion in Providencia and sat by a big water fountain that illuminates as it puts on a show. We sat here for a long while doing our favourite thing: people watching, until it got a bit too cold and the breeze meant the fountain started to sprinkle us.

We headed back to our hostel to discover an ‘electronic party’ going on in the garden, and were coerced by the owners to join, but the only alcohol we had with us was that really expensive bottle of wine we bought from Mendoza, and were reluctant to have it after tasting four other wines. But have it we did, and whilst I could have stayed in the ‘party’ (what was actually a DJ, make shift bar and cliquey groups of people not really mingling) longer, Jamie convinced me that with our flight tomorrow, it would be best to go to bed at a respectable hour. I’m glad he did that.

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