Day 70: EVEN MORE SHOPPING? Skyscraper at Sunset

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Under duress we HAD to head back to the first shopping mall we went to, under the express conditions that we only went to shops that had what we needed, and we wouldn’t leave or get fed up until we had it all.

So, that we did, and we were both far less moody shopping with an actual purpose and interspersed with a good lunch, in which I, in a bid to be healthy ordered a salad, and accidentally ended up with the unhealthiest (but tastiest) salad in the history of salads, whoops.

Caesar salad? More like CHEESER salad – Jamie takes full credit for this caption

At the end of the day, with all of our items purchased, we headed up the skyscraper part of the building that we couldn’t find the first time around, and watched as the sun set behind the Andes, and as the sun dimmed and the city turned its lights on, we realised how much we liked Santiago, and will be sad to leave.

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