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Day 67: Mall

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Today has been a frustrating day. We went to one of the big shopping malls in the city to buy things for our upcoming trip to the desert and salt flats (Jamie didn’t bring a coat….) and it just didn’t happen. The mall was crowded and busy, and we weren’t really sure what to expect price wise for the items we wanted, so got a shock when we realised. We walked around for hours, had a big lunch, and got fed up.

Costanera Center Mall escalators

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Also annoying, connected to the mall is the tallest skyscraper in South America, where you can look out onto the city and see the San Cristobal hill. We couldn’t find the entrance ANYWHERE. We wandered up and down the six floors, but had no luck. Fed up and frustrated, we went back to the hostel and consoled ourselves with more cheese, crackers, peanuts and bed.

The view of Gran Torre Santiago from the very bottom
The view of Gran Torre Santiago from the very bottom

Gran Torre Santiago

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