Day 74: A Moonwalk at Sunset: Valle de la Luna

This afternoon we booked to go on another popular tour here – Valle de la Luna or, if you like, Valley of the Moon. We had a lazy morning before booking another tour for tomorrow and having an amazing lunch in the town. Seriously – if you’re ever in the… Keep Reading


Day 73: An Earthquake, Pizza Thieves and Stargazing!

So, in the middle of the night, I was woken up by violent shaking and LOTS of dogs barking outside. I checked my phone, it said 9:19am, did some mental arithmetic and realised that since that actually meant it was 5.19am and still dark outside, it probably meant I’d rolled… Keep Reading


Day 72: Flight to the Desert!

We were sad to be leaving Santiago and the people in our hostel, but actually quite excited to get to the desert, it will be a totally new adventure string to our bow! Our flight was delayed by an hour or so, so we had time to have a little… Keep Reading


Day 71: Pre-Columbian Museum and Dinner with Lots of Wines

I’ve been looking forward to today for ages, since we first learned about this museum with Felipe on the walking tour. Jamie I think, wasn’t so sure. There’s a lot to say about the Pre-Columbian Museum, but mostly we learned that, in fact, we knew nothing about Pre-Columbian times. For… Keep Reading


Day 70: EVEN MORE SHOPPING? Skyscraper at Sunset

Under duress we HAD to head back to the first shopping mall we went to, under the express conditions that we only went to shops that had what we needed, and we wouldn’t leave or get fed up until we had it all. So, that we did, and we were… Keep Reading


Day 69: More Shopping! In a posher Mall

So, today we went to the other big mall in Santiago, Mall Parque Arauco. This was just as frustrating and unsuccessful as yesterday’s shopping, not finding anything we liked that would keep us from meeting our untimely icy death in Bolivia. We spent a LONG time here, but for the… Keep Reading

Wine pairing starters at Bocanariz, Santiago

Day 68: Planning Atacama & Posh Wine Pairing Dinner

We felt like we wasted the day a bit today, given that yesterday was disappointing, but we had to plan and book a few things for our upcoming trip to the desert. Mostly because, well, we’ll be in the desert and we’ve done minimal research on the area and what… Keep Reading

Mall Costanera Center

Day 67: Mall

Today has been a frustrating day. We went to one of the big shopping malls in the city to buy things for our upcoming trip to the desert and salt flats (Jamie didn’t bring a coat….) and it just didn’t happen. The mall was crowded and busy, and we weren’t… Keep Reading

The Metropolitan Cathedral of Santiago The Metropolitan Cathedral of Santiago

Day 66: Cathedral & Human Rights Museum

This afternoon we went to Plaza de Armas to visit the cathedral, which is enormous. We make it our mission to visit the big city cathedral of wherever we’re staying (Buenos Aires | Montevideo), if we can, for various reasons, but mostly because cathedrals have the best architecture of almost… Keep Reading

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